Production Unit and Raw Material Sourcing

Located under 21 thousand square meters of heated floor space, as well as external wood storage sheds capable of storing up to 10 thousand cubic meters of raw material and ready goods, Kallinge is during this upcoming year also ready for production expansion.

Additional expansion is seen mainly in what is needed in widening the horizon of distribution in Europe, but to also be able to plane full lengths of 6 meters, or even 6,12 meters or 20 feet lengths for the more and more growing and enormous US market. Today’s maximum length of sawn wood planed is otherwise 5,4 meters and the equipment looks as per the below nine subsections.

1. Arrival zone of raw materials as well as storage area for ready products. Even if the previous owners, such as GA-list and GAPRO had a sourcing strategy in Northern Sweden, or North of the parts even bordering to the areas near the factory, this has changed over time. Today, most northern Swedish sawmills are themselves already planing and reprocessing individually, which means that Willwoodhas needed to widen its sourcing strategy and also go abroad. In particular the new sourcing strategy puts a stoner focus on Angara Pine from the Angara river and on Siberian Larch, will be focus for further distribution in Europe and the USA and where we are convinced we already keep the widest range of products on stock.

2. Main production unit and buildings

3. Resaw and planing line specialized on panels with full wrapping into different qualities after sorting. Hall Systems and “Waco Maxi” with 9 spindles and a maximum working speed of up to 200 m/min under a maximum work dimension of 100×300 mm. Practical working speed is however usually never more than 140 m/min so as to reduce tear and ripping out knots and rather keep the perfect “finish”.

4. Resaw and planing line specialized on flooring products, but also capable of planning other products. Identical to line described above, however with tongue and groove system also on short ends. Hall Systems and “Waco Maxi” with 9 spindles and a maximum working speed of up to 200 m/min under a maximum work dimension of 100×300 mm.

5. Surface conditioning line, including prime equipment both from CattinairRotoclean-G, Cefla finishing, Stenbergsand all in all capable of painting and put surface of both interior and exterior panels to the best standards of market and quality demands of the end customers.

6. Looking at natural treatment of flooring, the so called Osmo system is by many considered to be the strongest and best solution as this system as Osmo demands both natural & environmentally friendly wood finishing and woodworking for finishingbased on natural oils and waxes. Machinery involved comes both from Costa, CLM as well as TRIAB

7. Moulding line, equipped with a WeinigHydromat, with full treatment and painting line, capable of both producing painted Pine skirting boards, painted mouldings and much more. Including wrapping and final marking and labelling.

8. Naturally, from production of more than hundred thousand square meters of planed panels even per month, there will also be rest products. These shavingsa directly forwarded to the 4 Bogma briquettes presses, and later sold to the municipal heating company as a guarantee of stable and long-term income from the rest products.

The fourth press is usually put in reserve and the annual production capacity is equal to ten thousand tonnes of briquettes per year.

Upon interest in acquiring briquettes for the next season, please mail us directly on

Energy certificate analysis can be downloaded here

9. Tools needed for grinding, cross cutting and other services are as well, even if less focal to the eyes of the end customer in the DIY store, are all available and to be clear capable of producing more than 450 types of various profiles.